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What we are & what we do

Formsmedjan is a locally rooted but nationally active communications agency

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Our mission is to, through creativity and strategic processes, build, develop and manage our customers' brands - and thereby create better and more profitable business.

We achieve our mission by having in-house strong strategic and base production competences, which are supplemented with external resources from our well-developed network of partners.

Through strategic processes  and creative communication, we help our customers build and develop their brands - and thereby create better business. With strategic foundations for communication, each individual activity becomes double-edged – short-term with great impact and focus on results and long-term by strengthening of the brand.

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Our work is based on a fixed communication model that is developed and adapted on our customers' operations, needs and conditions. Together with our collaboration partners, we deliver, based on our customers' needs, creative communication solutions for both digital and traditional print channels.

Our customers are found in a wide range, from heavy industry and contracting companies, to service companies, the hospitality industry, consumer trade and public organizations at both local and national level. We take a big pride in being close to, and have a great knowledge and understanding of, our local and regional market.


Looking for an office or workspaces in Boden? We have up to 8-12 workspaces available within our office from september. Read more here.   

What we do

Strategic support

Strategic support

Through close work with our customers, we act as advisers, decision support, sounding boards and leaders for the implementation of various communication efforts.

Strategic support
Web development

Web development

Based on the customer's needs, we create the web that best helps the customer achieve their goals.

Web development
Digital systems support

Digital systems support

With smart functions, we make the customer's business more efficient.

Digital systems support
Social Media

Social Media

Through social media, we develop our clients' relationship with their customers, drive traffic for conversion on websites and viral campaigns for increased brand spread.

Social Media


The largest private actor in rehabilitation, health and medical care in north of Sweden. Formsmedjan is a strategic advisor to the owners, board and management regarding business development and branding, as well as a partner for all internal and externa communication.


A local construction company in Boden, northern Sweden, specialized in exclusive and personalized homes. Formsmedjan is Vittjärvshus communication partner, producing everything from campaigns to press releases, have helping them to grow on Scandinavian market as well as in other countries like Japan.

Boden Business Park

A municipally owned company that helps companies establish, develop, or expand their business in Boden. Since the start 2010, Formsmedjan has been the strategic communication and PR partner, produced material such as graphic identity, website, and various types of informative material targeting investors and other important groups.


Genuine, natural tanned leather craftmanship from Sattajärvi in Swedish Lapland. Formsmedjans first customer and one that’s close to our heart and our way of working with brands and communication. We have helped Kero with all their communication needs, as well as strategic business development to reach an international market.

a och d arkitektkontor

An architectural office with a unique cooperation between architects, structural engineers and designers. Formsmedjan have been a sounding board to the company in their development of a strategic quality-assured work model, and also a business development partner to help the company clarify the long-term business goals and vision.

Norrbottens Bildemontering

Recycles and reuses materials and parts for the automotive industry in the Swedish and Nordic markets. Part of the European recycling group Autocirc. Formsmedjan has mainly been a strategic support in the company's generational change and business strategic goals, internal and external communication and the digital purchasing process.


A quality-oriented manufacturer of unique roofing sheet products for a demanding Nordic climate and primarily on a Nordic market. Formsmedjan has worked closely with owners and company management around strategic path choices regarding various sales models and target groups with the aim of gaining market share and increasing growth.

LF Norrbotten

A member-owned, local insurance company with 175 years of history, which is committed to the development and success of the local community. Formsmedjan has helped LF Norrbotten highlight and clarify the brand's core values and position, as well as values and identity in external and internal communication.

Sörbyn Lodge

For those who want to experience everything that northern Europe's last untouched wilderness can offer, but still have access to the comforts of civilization, Sörbyn Lodge is the perfect choice. Formsmedjan has contributed to transforming the business from an almost non-profit level to being a commercial high-end product in Swedish Lapland for an international market.

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